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Buy in case lots or bulk and resell our gourmet product line for attractive profit.
Commercial Accounts:

Homestead Mills supplies a wide selection of products for retail, gift and specialty, institutional and commercial accounts.
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Please contact our sales department for further information. 1-800-652-5233
Our proprietary products are packaged in silk-screened linen bags from one to five pounds for retail and gift and specialty accounts. Private label production and packaging is available for any quantity.   We can provide art work and screen production has needed.   We manufacture and print our linen bags with cottage industry contracts so inventories can be "just in time".

We also provide custom packing in poly or paper packages, with nutritional labeling as required.

The Mill packages a wide range of dehydrated and freeze dried backpacker items, a-la-carte and/or meals in our "Campers Cuisine" line.   (Refer to the Backpacker and or Ingredient Section)
Fund Raiser Programs:

Homestead Mills provides products for organizations such as Scouts, schools, and other organizations where sales of broadly accepted and attractive consumer products are needed. Margins for selling organizations typically run fifty percent or more... significantly higher than magazine or other common items. The Mill provides a Fund Raising Kit for ease of sales organization.
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